AI in media sales – RadioSalesWeekly No. 118

Noticeably absent from the commonly offered tools using AI in the media sales workflow are media planning, media buying and execution. Is it guaranteed that the technology providers actually understand the complete radio media business? Is there a lack of input from radio marketing?

Here are the main steps: Leadinfo, Look for up for some leads, Get the contact data,
Contact the leads, Get some information about the lead, Meet the lead, Present your business, Show some ideas, Present the offer, Close the Deal, Lose the Deal, Write follow up mail, Send new offer / discount,


Exhaustive list of current AI Tools for Marketing and Communication

Lead Generation and Customer Contact: Identify professional visitors to your website and get in touch
with them.
– Qualify leads, research information about companies, contacts
and activities.
– is a standalone application with a focus on sales support: Sales
forecasting: Dealcode aims to increase closing rates through data analysis by
helping sales teams focus on the most promising deals. Sales process
optimization: Dealcode is designed to help automate manual tasks and
structure sales data so that sales reps can focus on closing deals.
Audio Production and Voiceover:
– ChatGPT: Create scripts for commercials or multiple creative versions.
– The French version of / ChatGPT.
– The most widely used solution for voice cloning, text-to-speech
and synthetic voices.
– The most user-friendly interface for producing commercials
and voice cloning.
– Full production of commercials generated with artificial intelligence
and recorded with synthetic voices.
– CreativeFix: Production of audio spots, sound identities, 3D
– Benztown: Jingles, commercial designs, generation of listener
– Create songs and music in 2 minutes.
– Produce and program hundreds of different versions of
commercials (dynamic advertising).
– Synthetic voice generation has never been easier … Soon to come
– ProFMmedia: : audio & radio spots, voice cloning
Podcast Production:
– Transcribe a podcast into text for

Video Editing and Production
– Platform for creating, editing and subtitling videos.
– OpusClip: Shorten long videos to short films with one click.
– Record video interviews remotely.
Audio Editing and Post-Production:
– Online audio recording studio.
– Free program for isolating sounds and removing background noise.
– Isolate music, an instrument or the vocals of a
– Dolby Atmos: Software for spatializing an audio
– Online post-production, level matching, noise
– Free online audio editor, very similar to Audacity and can be
used directly in the web browser.
– Intuitive, AI-powered podcast program for creating, editing and

AI-powered Tools for Creation and Innovation:
– Software for audio and video editing based on text
transcription. Impressive!
– AI that helps you find an expert who answers your questions in text
and podcast form.
– AI-generated voice tracks, content and productions.
– Futuri Audio Ai: RadioChatGPT, AI-based production of contributions, virtual
moderators, podcasts…
– Verificaudio: A new, AI-powered tool can help journalists identify Spanish
audio deepfakes.
– Create videos with avatars, video clones, AI-generated cloned

Other Useful Tools
– A tool to automate your daily tasks, schedule execution, and
– Purchase digital audio space and produce a commercial
in just 3 minutes. Learn more here:
– This platform automates everyday tasks in web applications. This
includes email management, automatic addition to CRM, downloads, and
much more. Watch the video tutorial to learn more:

Source: poppe media, great ideas from radiopub Michel Colin
April 16, 2024

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AI in media sales – RadioSalesWeekly No. 118
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Top left: Alexander Zeitelhack – Medien Management Consulting
Top right: Helmut Poppe – Host RadioSalesWeekly
Mark Vogele – ProFMmedia: audio & radio spots,
voice cloning
Andreas Sprengart – Head of Marketing Radio Group