Haderer und Gelbwurst

#CaricaturaMuseum #Frankfurt präsentiert einen der bedeutendsten satirischen Zeichner im deutschsprachigen Raum: Gerhard #Haderer. Im Mittelpunkt beeindruckende Ölgemälde zwischen fotorealistischer Perfektion und karikaturesker Überspitzung. Eröffnung Mittwoch, 5. April 2023, 18.00 h. Der Künstler ist anwesend. Caricatura Museum Frankfurt (Weckmarkt 17) Tipp: Zuvor Gelbwurst bei Frau Schreiber #Kleinmarkthalle.

New revenue streams for radio with digital platforms

French marketer CI Media (including Sky Radio) recently launched Targetspot, a platform for advertisers called Passport Local. Based on algorithms, profile-, location- and activity-based advertising is addressed to target groups that were previously closed to broadcasters: by region, age, income, consumer habits, etc.

As CI-Média Gf. Sébastien Pesqué reports, the audio spots are played out to target groups that are difficult to reach with FM radio via Passport Local. In this station portfolio, private stations, Spotify and other streaming portals but also the state broadcaster France Inter are included. Traditional radios consider these as competitors, not rivals, because they are considered to belong to the audio universe.

The man from Marseille has an exciting recommendation for budget sizes: he sees from practice that his advertisers mostly invest a third of their radio volume in this new audio occupancy unit. The offer is going well, one station was able to increase its annual revenue by 700 K euros with the new package offer alone. The CPM is €45.

The package was presented in the masterclass by Michel Colin, radio consultant and publisher of the online magazine ‚Radiopub‘. Remarkably was here also that a majority of the participants from the marketing radio/audio showed up in a Voting contently with the start of the year 2023 and optimistically into the next months see.

It is remarkable in which extent and in which quality radio trainings are operated in our neighboring country. These are even promoted by the state as advanced training. The innovative solutions practiced there in a market that is almost three times the size of Germany in terms of the number of stations are worthy of respect. There is a general good mood among media sellers. Competition obviously promotes not only creativity but also business. So it’s worth taking a look not only at the USA or the UK. One wonders what is happening with the media consultants in the NL, Poland, Italy or elsewhere.

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