Radiotour in Strasbourg

At the #Radiotour in Strasbourg last week, Editor-in-Chief #LaLettrePro Fred Brulhatour made an original suggestion: Dear radios, replace the traditional boxes of chocolates, trips and other gifts in competitions with useful services such as 100 hours of babysitting or care for seniors in the evening. Own suggestion, one could push the matter even further: Instead of old-fashioned Euros, give a piece of the computing power of GPT-7, as Sam Altman suggested.

Overall, German providers can certainly be inspired by the #RadioTour, which leads across France. Here all topics come up that have to do with the fascinating medium. There were over 30 of them, presented in changing formats. It is clearly noticeable that our neighbors on the left bank of the Rhine offer much more creativity and solutions, also in view of the much higher number of stations, four nationwide radios and numerous associations and service providers.

A particularly exciting contribution was made by Michel Colin from #MediaticConseils with a demonstration of the tools from #HeyGen. He addressed the participants with his lip-synchronous avatar automated in various languages and – small joke – with the voice of the main organizer Philippe Chapot (guaranteed that this will not be ‘hoarded’). As far as HeyGen is concerned, own tests showed that the application is not so trivial. It gets stuck at various points in user-friendliness. There is certainly more to come.

Many thanks to Philippe Chapot from the French #RadioHouse and his team for organizing this extraordinary event!

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Photos. Jean-Luc Crébouw CandyVoice, Frédéric Brulhatour LaLettrePro Video: Michel Colin presents applications for Sales via HeyGen (excerpt)