Media Wednesday in Frankfurt

Media Wednesday in Frankfurt

Why radio? / Radio in times of streaming: Think globally, broadcast locally.

Former managing director Hitradio FFH: „Radio will take on new technical challenges. The average listener decides and rarely knows which channel he actually uses.“

Alex Zeitlhack: „Radio and words are extremly powerful combinations that create strong impressions in the minds of listeners“.

Petra Klaus: „We do need independent local stations to publsih different ideas and … music beyond main stream.“

Over all opinion: streaming and podcasts are less a competition than a plus in an entire audio scheme. Radio experiences at the moment a real renaissance. Its knowledge and focus on neighborhood  in real time can not be equaled by streaming.

In the discussion round: Alexander Zeitelhack, radio pioneer and director of radio consulting agency BCI, one of the most successful radio producers in Germany: Hans-Dieter Hillmoth, the co-founder of the non-commercial radio station „X“ in Frankfurt Petra Klaus and the director of the supervisory authority and broadcasting licensing entity Hessische Landesanstalt Joachim Becker.


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